ESG: Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark – Part 2

ESG: Fourth Industrial Revolution Benchmark – Part 2. Capture job opportunities, you may well need to make major work transitions by 2030. Accelerate the learning journey! | Author Ms Samone Wear

4IR Future VET learning management: Benchmark available now – Part 1

Flip the Classroom: LikeaBoss Study Help Desk is now open!
Transform the study stress into learner success! Visit

Flip the Classroom: Study help desk is now open!

Flip the Classroom: LikeaBoss Study Help Desk is now open!
Transform the study stress into learner success! Visit

World Food Day 2021

In Australia, this AntiPoverty Week, LikeaBoss.EducationTM moves higher on strong outlook. A focus on food insecurity on World Food Day 2021 . Empowering next generation global citizens with the confidence and skills to change the world. Author: Founder Samone Wear

Social IN-Inovation = Youth4Global Goals

#LikeaBoss.Education Social In-Novation Challenge, a first for VETis Australia is an immersive curriculum program based on the 2030 Agenda for United Nations Sustainable Development. Founder Samone Wear

Accelerating the transition of immersive curriculum

In Australia, LikeaBoss.EducationTM is creating an immersive curriculum based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The curriculum promotes year-round learning and facilitates social innovation and impact actions led by students, educators, parents and community members.

Develop external peripheral vision: A look beyond traditional learning

Develop external peripheral vision: A look beyond traditional learning – Reimagine the future of curriculum, one that places the learner at the centre of the open innovation journey…..Be bold and develop the ability to envision new ways of operating will be crucial to weathering the crisis..#LikeaBoss.Education

Blockchain LikeaBoss | Learning Currency Exchange

Announcement: Future-gazing education… Launched in celebration of International Youth Day, 12.08.2021 Are you ready to enjoy another experience beyond VET expectations?Welcome to LikeaBoss.Crypto, a Tech4Good solution fit, that in day-to-day practice, the learning exchange is the students trading challenge. Supported by Global Leaders who are collaborating for inclusive economic prosperity. #LikeaBoss.EducatrionTM partners with leaders across AustraliaContinue reading “Blockchain LikeaBoss | Learning Currency Exchange”

Global Leader – The Action Network

Announcement: LikeaBoss EducationTM has gone global – We are shifting to a mission-led approach | From passion project to 21st Century innovative resources curriculum, education and real-world competency training. “What started as a pilot Young Entrepreneur Program over 6 years ago, LikeaBoss EducationTM never envisioned our work would be invited to sit at the tableContinue reading “Global Leader – The Action Network”


Ready to support the Ventures of the Future? “When students care about what they’re doing, that’s when real learning happens! LikeaBoss EducationTM has considered how to be more innovative and bold in the way we add value to our stakeholders: Our community, school eco system and learner’s. Therefore there was a strong focus on becomingContinue reading “MEDIA RELEASE 2021”