MEDIA RELEASE: Global Launch | 2050 Vision

Author: Ms Samone Wear

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2050 Vision

Social Innovation Studio: Cre/Ation | Presenting Venture X  

Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ESG) 

Industry Leadership Circular Transition (LCT) Future Capabilities
(4IR Workforce Development Framework)
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Build Resilience. Protect Value. Deliver Growth.

Reverse Value Workforce Development Responding to a broad and challenging economic agenda – Fourth industrial revolution (4IR), business capacity building, 21st century and employability skills done differently: 

  • Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio: Delivering innovative workforce experiences that empower and support strong partnerships across industry 
  • Venture X – Reversing the workforce trend: Strengthening employers capabilities to increase accessibility to employment opportunities and improving return to work outcomes

“..Social innovators know that big problems require audacious thinking, even when the solution is simple.”

When it comes to addressing difficult economic, environmental and societal challenges, start in your own back yard – Partner with communities to provide innovative solutions needed to revitalise local economies and improve lives.

When it comes to addressing difficult economic, environmental and societal challenges, start in your own back yard – partner with communities to provide innovative solutions needed to revitalise local economies and improve lives.

Samone Wear is the founder LikeaBoss.EducationTMand CEO of Platinum Event Agency #EventProfs (PEA), a modern lifestyle, consulting and education portfolio providing South Australian business operators with a stronger, more strategic voice and broader role to ensure business capacity and industry experiences are geared towards industry professionals with a creative spirit and a do-it-yourself attitude, to reinvigorate (continue) to deliver on employer and worker fusion of needs.

The vault full of entrepreneurial business, ready to transform South Australian metro and regional centres tourism, arts culture precincts. Big, bold experiences that need to be seen.

Our strategic new private equity strategy has seen transformational LCT enterprise innovation take lead from 2022. We have evolved with new and stronger partnerships, to support Australian business leaders, organisations and their ever evolving workforce (team) engagement partnerships.

Private equity portfolio, now— 10 years young. Samone’s passion (through Leadership Circular Transition (LCT) principles and private equity portfolio development) is ready to empower more women to take the entrepreneurial leap. She’s a managing partner at Platinum Event Agency (PEA), Innovation Education Australia, big sister to LikeaBoss.EducationTM – VETis training and education, Indigenous Tour Agency, Open4Bizness Australia and CannOpul Global Investments.

The 2050 vision represents transition and fast growth for positive economic impact. Platinum’s road map release will showcase our delicate mix and collection of self made entrepreneurialism for industry clusters:

(1) Arts, Culture, Events, Tourism and Hospitality 

(2) Renewable Energy – Solar: Women in leadership including trades transitioning into owner operator and / or leadership

(3) Women in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and / or Business

  • A new brand partnership est. 2022 – ‘Social Innovators – Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio’, a new division of PEA Private Equity Portfolio:
    • Building capacity of industry, organisations and business operator capabilities through ESG consulting, learning and development function that strikes a balance between stability and dynamism 
  • Launch of ‘#SelfMade – No Plan B for Women in Entrepreneurship’:
    • 6-week start-your-own-experience business course for upcoming women founders
  • Launch of ‘Platinum Interchange’ – Tech forward approach. Bridging the business technology chasm is critical to outperformance:
    • A gig economy seed start up, challenging the forces of technology and innovation that characterise the automation age to pave the way for a #EventTech disruption that makes inroads in more traditional hospitality supply chains and industry workforce, gender inequality 
  • While continuing to grow young future leaders, in the Start It Up Practice Lab, VETis lighthouse incubator alongside the Together with School Pathways VETis initiative:
    • Venture X’ on-the-job traineeship program – designed to provide direct and / or more accessible industry pathways, that will align to making jobs for the future in South Australia 

“The reality is that most businesses fail. Work transformation depends on an organisation’s ability to unlock human potential. The odds are *not* great for you. But what if you flipped the script – ‘learn the interplay between useability and design?’. 

I always like to think of my portfolio as a game of chess and / or board game. I’m always making moves to try and win or get to the next level. One day I hope to win the game, but I recognise that in games, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Even if I lose, I always move forward and want to play another round — the next time, a bit wiser and more experienced than the time before.

Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not it’s time to start, give up on your business, transition between professions or take the leap to up-skill, in favour of the new evolution of you. However, by considering investment in lifelong learning, inspiring intellectual realms and trusting in the ‘No Plan B’ philosophy,  you can get a better sense of where you stand as you make an informed decision.” Ms Samone Wear, MD

Contacting us could be the first step – Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio and Venture X programs are now open for registration!

*All education specialist participate in good character screening processes, hold a Department of Human Services (DHS) Working with Children Check clearance, regularly engage in industry currency activities and act at all times in accordance with the LikeaBoss Code of Conduct | T&C’s apply.

In Australia, LikeaBoss.EducationTM has created an immersive 4IR curriculum for first time female Start Up Founders. #SelfMade – No Plan B, Women in Entrepreneurship Accelerator #4IR #2021@CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

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Founder and lead facilitator: #SelfMade – No Plan B, Women in Entrepreneurship Accelerator

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