Flip the Classroom: Study help desk is now open!

Author: Ms Samone Wear

At LikeaBoss.EducationTM we care about improving learning and study habits.

..The problem: Learners procrastinate and then stress and feel guilty about not studying.
..The challenge: How might we do our part as a learning organisation to better support learners and their support network to transform stress into success?
..Opportunity: Reframe our insights into learner centred opportunity areas and innovate on problems found.

Our approach: Bravely address the opportunity – ‘Flip the Classroom’.
F – Flexible learning environment
L – Learning culture
I – Intentional content
P – Professional educator
Study Help Desk | All rights reserved #LikeaBoss.EducationTM

Empower the ‘whole learning community’ and together we can transform the study stress into learner success!

Combining educational practices and innovation leads to new ways of putting change in action. Our uniquely designed learning environments facilitate the combination of active learning engagement, allow for the flexibility of a virtual classroom and empower the ‘whole learning community’.

Why Flip? Uncharted learning benefits that go beyond the hype

  • Flipping allows students to learn at their own pace, as well as think critically and collaborate with the education specialist and/or classmates
  • Flipped learning is customised, active, and engaging
  • Flipped lecture videos help students review for exams and master the content
  • Flipped content can be richer through curation and continuous improvement
  • Students in flipped classrooms show increased self confidence and better learning outcomes
  • Flipping addresses the learners’ growth and motivational needs

What’s on offer?

Inclusive and affordable learning and development experience with no lock in contracts. The study help desk supports life long learners from 10 years of age.

When? Flexible session times to suit busy lifestyle, school, work and study needs. Available up to 7-days a week.

How? Learners feel secure knowing their individual needs are catered for. Sessions are hosted by highly experienced and qualified professional subject experts, education specialists and tutors*.

Subject matter: Australian Curriculum – Eight learning areas, SACE, VETis, VET, academia subjects, multi-lingual choices and so much more.

Learning supports: Teaching and tutoring, one on one or small groups, easy to follow educational resources, in-house school student support, learning plans, coaching and individualised capability building.

Good news is there are some simple ways to help manage the stress of study. Working with an education specialist who understands you, eating well, sleeping well and taking time to exercise and relax from study will all help to stay healthy on the learning journey.

Head of Curriculum Design, Ms Samone Wear

Lifting up not holding back: System enabler of quality teaching, our innovative learning practices, tools and resources are designed by founder, in-house curriculum architect and International scholar, Ms Samone Wear.

The flipped classroom isn’t a single methodology, it’s an ideology. In Australia, Samone has been recognised as a Learnlife LEAD: Learning Ecosystem Architect and Designer amongst an international network of practitioners. What does that mean in practice? We are a group of change makers united by our passion to create a new lifelong learning paradigm.

‘We live in a digital age where we are ready to create learning experiences to equip students with the competencies, skills and concepts to tackle and solve the problems emerging in our world. The digital age has provided us with the perfect support platform from which to do so.’Learnlife

Table courtesy of Learnlife | Reference: https://www.learnlife.com/learning-paradigm/concepts-skills-competencies?utm_content=185130498&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&hss_channel=lcp-17990191

Did you know? When learner centric design principles are applied to learning environments, learner autonomy and engagement are supported through scaffolding and learners are better able to achieve e-learning objectives.

Connecting with qualified tutors and subject matter experts is simple! #BeBrave: Flip the experience to discover world class education and practices.

Spark* Solutions – A contemporary workshop series guiding parent/carers and educators through the process of integrating Learning, Diversity and Wellbeing into at-home or the classroom setting.

Workshop dates: Coming soon! Presented by #LikeaBoss.EducationTM | Innovation Education AustraliaTM.

Contacting us could be the first step!

*All education specialist participate in good character screening processes, hold a Department of Human Services (DHS) Working with Children Check clearance, regularly engage in industry currency activities and act at all times in accordance with the LikeaBoss Code of Conduct | T&C’s apply.

In Australia, LikeaBoss.EducationTM is creating an immersive curriculum based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. #2021@CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

LikeaBoss Education™: More Creativity. More Impact. More Possibilities. #InnovationEducationAustralia

ALL Rights Reserved | Date: 30th October 2021. Please seek permission to copyright before use. Send request to email: | E: samone@likeaboss.education.

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