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Announcement: Future-gazing education… Launched in celebration of International Youth Day, 12.08.2021

Are you ready to enjoy another experience beyond VET expectations?
Welcome to LikeaBoss.Crypto, a Tech4Good solution fit, that in day-to-day practice, the learning exchange is the students trading challenge. 

Supported by Global Leaders who are collaborating for inclusive economic prosperity. #LikeaBoss.EducatrionTM partners with leaders across Australia and the United States to create economic opportunity, improve access and affordability of education, increase financial security and inspire life-long learner engagement.
Author: Ms Samone Wear
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LikeaBoss.Education™ designs informed, strength based classroom built on 3 core aims:

– To support students to build self regulatory capacities 

– To build a sense of relatedness and belonging at school 

– To integrate economic security, wellbeing and entrepreneurial principles that nurture growth and identify strengths

Our research and development identified young people do want to: Learn to invest, learn to grow and learn to build. How? By being active within our contemporary VETis business suite of programs and learner engagement tools, Innovative leadership innovating  principles, ethos inclusive of problem fit R&D and disruptive thinking.

The result is ‘unconventional learning’ environment that changes lives. By helping students to meet their own needs in a healthy way and progress academically through real world competency building.

LikeaBoss.Crypto, co designed with the end user (young people), who were disengaging from institutionalised learning and development, at further risk of falling through the cracks: Not attaining Year 12 certificate or equivalent and/or not finishing baseline secondary education, nor graduating Year 12. 

The gold bit coin was chosen as a symbol that connects to a brighter smarter future, in which the young person ‘chooses to buy in‘ into their learning through investment of time and effort in turn, be rewarded directly in real time of the outcome achieved: big, small or indifferent. (NB. No physical monetary value exchanges are included or encouraged)

A Tech4Good solution, that in day-to-day practice, the learning exchange is the students trading challenge. 

The ed-tech provides immediate trade progress results are via a dashboard (visual representation) of the learning exchange (trade efforts), rewards are earned in real time and only accessed through investment of focussed efforts.

A engaging way to build or strengthen relationships with educators and mentors plus stay connected and motivated to the learning plan journey ahead of them.

#Tech4Good. “LikeaBoss.Crypto…Every student is at the centre of the exchange point, they stay connected within their learning community, on the task and more than very often, feeling the satisfaction of everyday accomplishments.” Founder/MD

Ms Samone Wear MBA

LikeaBoss.Education™ founder and lead curriculum designer, Samone works closely with school leadership, with aim to achieve the best outcomes, with the student at the centre of the exchange point. Common goals: To stay within the school community, on the task and feeling the satisfaction of everyday accomplishments.

Accelerating innovation into institutional schools, builds capability and resilience within the school community to future proof leadership, build resilient teacher and student relations and improve socio-emotional well being.

The LikeaBoss.Crypto currency exchange criteria is co designed with the school leadership and student to meet them where they are in their learning journey now, to drive and achieve outcomes that are in alignment to the nominated Australian curriculum and/or VET learning program framework/s.

While strategically pushing back on the societal barriers young future leaders face every day.  Join the commitment to action, to deliver on meaningful impacts using contemporary student centric engagement tools.

At LikeaBoss.Education™ the student is at the heart of all we do, our daily practices and strategic principles are aligned to the: Investing into young Australians, grow our future leaders and contribute to the #SDG2030 goals.

Request a demo, contact Samone Wear, MD | Email or visit

Proudly sponsored by Innovation Education Australia | #Collab4Good, partner with us..Please contact via website.

 Join the Commitment into Action Movement with LikeaBoss.EducationTM

Blockchain LikeaBoss | Learning Currency Exchange.
Launched in celebration of International Youth Day #2021@CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

LikeaBoss Education™: More Creativity. More Impact. More Possibilities. #InnovationEducationAustralia

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