Different Learning Styles

Our students: New students · Students with a disability · International students · Higher Degree Research candidates · Indigenous students · Secondary School students · Senior secondary certificate education PLP & SACE Options – Year 10, 11 & 12 · Adult re-entering the workforce · Educators seeking professional development · Workforce team development

#LikeaBoss.Education TM equip learner’s for the future working world. Our cohort and how they learn is focal point of our program design. We apply instructional techniques that align the learner to meet the ever changing nationally and global accredited framework to keep employability skills relevant, Resume‘s and skill development fresh.

Our flexible learning options allow for short courses, full program qualification and one of units of competency to allow learner’s to keep update the workplace offering with what the market is looking for.  

Our educators raise student achievement, close attainment gaps and set up students to succeed.

Nationally recognised qualifications, that develop real professional work and employability skills to start up a business, get hired or grow careers and meet the workforce plan commitments.

#LikeaBoss is empowering 21st century learners to stay ahead in fast changing industries – Teaching skills to build the new business, get that promotion or the win that job when graduate!

#LikeaBoss.Education igniting students’ natural curiosity to tackle real-world skills. Find out more here http://www.likeaboss.education #VET #21CenturySkills

Imagine your students as problem solvers, active learners, and fully engaged in work that they are driving. We help organisations make that a reality by providing a suite of authentic student business career development and entrepreneurship resources that can integrate into your curricular offering.

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Ms Samone Wear | samone@likeaboss.education

Vocational (VET) Entrepreneurship and New Business

A thriving action-learning and entrepreneurship ecosystem requires collaboration and multi-stakeholder partnerships, particularly between academia and business.

Honouring the Mission, Evolving our Model | LikeaBoss EducationTM are playing a leading role in the implementation and evolution of entrepreneurial learning in vocational education – We are Australia’s leading Vocational (VET) Entrepreneurship Educators and Instructional Designers.

The links between schools and business are important, not only in order to ensure that the curriculum is relevant. LikeaBoss EducationTM are playing a leading role in the implementation and evolution of entrepreneurial learning by promoting entrepreneurship competencies in (vocational and technical) education and lifelong learning:

BSB40320 Certificate IV and BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business (V1)

Entrepreneurship education requires the use of active and social learning methods that place the learner at the centre of the educational process and enable them to take responsibility for their own learning to experiment and learn about themselves.

#LikeaBoss.EducationTM is the go-to place for entrepreneurial educators in search of complimentary BSB package resources, good ideas and examples

Teaching entrepreneurship is a modern and different way of teaching – Are you an Entrepreneurial educator looking for tools and methods to use in your classroom?

Our resources and programs adopt the paradigms and pedagogical models that will equip educators, teachers and learners with the necessary skills and attitudes for entrepreneurship education.

Real-world entrepreneurship education means young people working on real-life issues within their community and formulating practical solutions. It means problem-based learning in which there are no wrong answers, only solutions that are more or less feasible. It is a design approach to learning that uses both sides of the brain and can call on the resources of the whole community. 

Impact on students:

  • Helps boost career ambitions
  • Leads to higher employability
  • Leads to improved entrepreneurial skills and attitudes
  • Leads to behavioural changes towards higher entrepreneurial intentions
  • Enhances intentions to start a business

Impact on organisations:

  • Develops stronger entrepreneurial culture
  • Promotes higher engagement from teachers
  • Intensifies the engagement of stakeholders

Training Package: BSB Business Services

Qualifications: BSB40320 Certificate IV and BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business (V1)

#LikeaBoss EducationTM – The place for vocational education resources, tools and activities that develops competencies for entrepreneurship, enterprising behaviour and real-world employability skills.

Author: Ms Samone Wear, Founder/MD

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Igniting students’ natural curiosity to tackle real-world skills

When students care about what they’re doing, that’s when real learning happens!

Note from the Founder – To Our Community, 

We at #LikeaBoss Education stand with those calling for systemic change for the better.  As an organisation whose founding principles are built on the belief that education has the power to catalyse change, we stand ready to reflect on our role in empowering, uplifting, and equipping marginalised students, teachers and communities and will take action where we can do better. 

We are inspired to dig deeper, listen more, learn more. We are ever more committed to our mission: to help our next generation of leaders develop the 21st century skills and mindset to be empowered, to create their own futures, and to create lasting change.

#FutureMakers – Next Level Skill Sets are purpose-driven experiences that engage students in a way that traditional models don’t. SACE credits apply.

#LikeaBoss EducationTM programs ignite students’ natural curiosity, empower them with the tools and the mindset to tackle real-world skills head on.  

2021 VETis Student Guide to Business and Careers by Design: Full qualifications or build in-demand workplace competencies with new short courses:

  • Career Development Skill Sets
  • Entrepreneurial and New Business Skills Sets

Reducing ‘cookie cut’ vocational programs to accelerate change through meaningful education.

Let’s connect about how this may be a fit for your students.

Ms Samone Wear | samone@likeaboss.education

2021 Leverage UP

#FutureMaker – Next Level Skill Sets 

Leverage UP with #LikeaBoss.EducationTM – The jobs of our future are unknown, and therefore it’s more important than ever to nurture and teach students critical skills and behaviours:  Creativity, opportunity recognition, self-motivation and adaptability.

#LikeaBoss.EducationTM is empowering students beyond the  21st century skills to succeed. A future by design, we are accelerating change through:

  • Transformative learning – Resilience, ambition, curiosity, empathy and creative confidence
  • Career development including employer impression and immersion 
  • Real world workplace competencies that develop professional work and employability skills

‘Integrating education with skill development frameworks can help students develop skills by providing relevance and application.’

Ms Samone Wear | founder and md

Students learn how to:

  • Collaborate with a team
  • Develop decision making and interpersonal skills
  • Apply critical and creative thinking to find solutions to workplace problems
  • Speak confidently and persuasively
  • Leverage curiosity and creativity

Lead Facilitator: Ms Samone Wear, Founder and MD

Our Passion: Aspiring Young People

#LikeaBoss Program aspiring Australia’s young people to become budding Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Having a great business idea is the easy part. Turning that into a successful enterprise takes a whole lot of planning, research and commitment.

#LikeaBoss Program is aspiring young people seeking to work in Leadership, Management or become a self employed Entrepreneur.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a fresh business idea or looking to work in Leadership or Management, develop your business and knowledge further with #LikeaBoss Education.

Providing information on how to develop 21st century skills, start up a business, work in management or grow your existing business idea the #LikeaBoss Program is designed to provide practical advice to help you research your ideas and get your business up and running backed by vocational and accredited outcomes.

Why study business?

Despite the hard work involved, gaining employment, being a team player, or starting your own business can be a very rewarding experience:

  • Be your own boss
  • Contribute effectively in the workplace
  • Carve a career in a desired industry
  • Be able to work flexible hours
  • Develop your own creative ideas
  • Take advantage of a market that you think you can provide for
  • Create financial independence 
  • Find what lights you up!

The #LikeaBoss Youth in Business Program is a great interactive way to find out what’s involved.

Providing personalised learning experiences that reach individuals just as they need. Our programs build the capacity of the learner via foundation and employability skills that empower and have a friendly approach, we provide a guided journey with professional mentoring every step of the way.

Our passion is preparing and launching Youth into Business. Create a future by getting started today – Make more $$, discover your worth and find what lights you upRegister Now!

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#National Skills Week – WEF call for reset on the way we teach in 21st century is vital

COVID-19 has forced more than 1 billion students and youth out of school, triggering the world’s biggest educational technology (edtech) implementation in history, almost overnight.

Huge practical and logistic issues for students, teachers and parents (especially women), it opens up a world of opportunities to reimagine what learning looks like in the 21st century.

Education can no longer be about transferring explicit knowledge across generations. According to the OECD 2030 Future of Education and Skills Project: “We need to replace old education standards with an educational framework that combines knowledge with the 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.” 

Read the full article here.

#LikeaBoss.Education has co-designed opportunities for learners to transition to employment or further education, in addition to completing the SACE.

Looking for something new? Learning what work skills are trending can help young people transform faster

BSB30115 Certificate III in Business | Career By Design

This program explores contemporary business fundamentals and helps young people create a marketable personal brand. Learn how to leverage strengths for professional growth. Focus on interests, 21st century competencies and develop a strategic career roadmap.

What you will learn:

-How to beat the skills shortage and future proof your resume

-How to inventory your professional skills and interests to build a career roadmap

– How to communicate and collaborate with colleagues

– How to approach complex workplace problems using problem-solving frameworks and design thinking principles

2021 enrolments now open, both face to face workshops or virtual classroom learning is available. Program fees available upon request.

Find out more speak directly to Founder/MD and Lead Facilitator Samone Wear.

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Life after COVID 19 for young Australians

Build skills to gain experience and increase chances for young Australians to find meaningful work in the future!

Leading through change, #LikeaBoss Education is collaborating with school leadership to support the response too new, and rising, pressures to help high school students develop a sense of purpose, nurture an appreciation of lifelong learning, and prepare for a future where change is the norm.

ABC Q+A, May 18, 2020 |  ‘Life after COVID 19 will be different for all of us, but particularly young Australians.’ WATCH THE REPLAY HERE

So what does the future look like for young Australians? Will it be harder to find work, buy a home, get a degree? How will their way of life change? The young have paid a high economic price for this crisis, so has the time come to address the intergenerational debt?

Join the Q+A High School Panel
Did you know Q+A is looking for senior high school students who are keen to tackle the big issues from behind the desk – right beside our top politicians and commentators. Find out more.

#GetStarted2020 – Supercharge a young Australian

Equip young people for the future working world. Keep the student Resume‘s fresh – Update the workplace offering with what the market is looking for, nationally recognised qualifications, that develop real professional work and employability skills to start up a business, get hired or grow careers.

PLP & SACE Options – Year 10, 11 & 12

Break the Mould – #LikeaBoss.EducationTM is putting the purpose back into VETis options:  Business, Hospitality and Leadership & Management short course skills sets can be tailored to meet your student needs.

Program duration: 6 – 12 months

Minimum: 8 – Maximum: 20 students

Full payment is required in advance to commence qualification

ASQA nominal delivery hours apply. All qualifications including SACE credits*

No prior knowledge or pre requisites apply –  Register Now

*All qualifications accrue different numbers of SACE credits depending on the level of the Certificate and its complexity, the completion of a Certificate III can be used not only for SACE completion but also in the calculation of an ATAR score for tertiary study entry. All programs delivered by experienced industry representatives.

Delivery mode: Face to face classroom workshop format with e-learning support and specialised business coaching.

Lets Connect | Meet Founder and Lead Facilitator – Samone Wear 

Empowering the Young People of Australia – Preparing Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s Jobs

Preparing Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s Jobs and putting ‘Purpose‘ back into VETis Education. Educators are facing new and rising pressures to support students in a world where change is rapid and adaptability is critical. 

Redefining Readiness: #LikeaBoss.EducationTM is preparing today’s high school students for tomorrow’s jobs. Break the Mould – Qualify students with knowledge and values for diverse pathways to further learning, work and effective participation in future life.

Today’s young people are coming of age as accelerating rates of change are overtaking nearly every facet of their lives. #LikeaBoss.EducationTM is bridging the gap for young people and secondary school students across Australia by removing barriers of inequality and accessibility to meaningful VETis education that will impact their future – Old habits will not open new doors.

Face to Face Workshops + Online Learning Resources + One:One Mentoring = Success in a Uncertain Future

#GetStarted2020 – Supercharge a Young Persons Career
SACE Options – Year 10, 11 & 12

Full Program duration: 6 – 12 months
Short Course Skill Sets: 1 month (Short course skill sets tailored to learner needs: Business, Hospitality, Leadership & Management)
Minimum: 8 – Maximum: 20 students
Register Now

*All qualifications accrue different numbers of SACE credits depending on the level of the Certificate and its complexity, the completion of a Certificate III can be used not only for SACE completion but also in the calculation of an ATAR score for tertiary study entry. All programs delivered by experienced industry representatives.

Delivery mode: Face to face classroom workshop format with e-learning support and specialised business coaching.

Meet Founder, Entrepreneur Change Maker and Lead Facilitator – Samone Wear 

Look forward to working with you – Schedule a meeting.

Available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm | After Hours by Appointment Only | COVID-19 SA Health rules and standards will apply.

Our services: Vocational Training and Facilitation, Training and Assessment, Coaching, Instructional Design & Development plus Guest Speaking

Program Partner Executive Training Group RTO: 107 108

 ASQA Standards, Guidelines and Nominal Hours Apply

Business learning options -Term 2 intake now open!

“Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’. They might be skills, but they’re not soft.
So let’s uncomfortably call them real skills instead.

Real because they work, because they’re at the heart of what we need to today.

Real because even if you’ve got the vocational skills, you’re no help to us without these human skills, the things that we can’t write down, or program a computer to do.” – Seth Godin. Read more here..

#GetStarted2020 – Supercharge a Young Persons Career

At #LikeaBoss.Education we equip young people for the future working world. Keep the student Resume‘s fresh – Update the workplace offering with what the market is looking for, nationally recognised qualifications, that develop real professional work skills to start up a business, get hired or grow careers.

* Dual Business Qualification Student Options – Discount only applies if enrolled before 30th March, 2020. 

T&C’s Apply: Price available upon application

Enrol Today!

Graduate with 2 qualifications in less time

Don’t miss out on exclusive programs that will supercharge your students career!

How to show soft and hard skills to get the job… Keep your resume fresh – Update your offering with what the market is looking for!

What Do Employers Look For?

Employers look for proof you’ve got the right hard and soft skills. The throng of unwashed applicants says, “I’m hard-working, energetic, and a great communicator.”

That’s like a soft drink can that says, “Tastes Great!” It means nothing. You need to pick the exact resume skills the employer wants.

Dual Qualification Benefit: Use Real Skills to Grab the Interview

Prove the soft skills list, and we believe students can learn almost any hard skill. Prove the list of hard skills for resumes, and students are empowered and know they can already do the job.

The trick is knowing which skills to value most, then showing achievements on your resume that prove them.

LikeaBoss Education help students build in-demand workplace competencies that will ensure you stand out as an applicant and employee.

#LikeaBoss.Education ™ learning solutions reflect the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership, innovation and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

2020 Dual Qualification Options

Program duration: 6 – 12 months

Nominal delivery: ASQA Hours apply

SACE credits available

No prior knowledge or pre requisites apply –  Register Now

Delivery mode: Face to face classroom workshop format with e-learning support and business coaching.

Author: Ms Samone Wear | Founder – Director – Change Maker – Entrepreneur in Residence