Be Part of It: Careers and Coaching

Prepare your Career like a HR Recruiter | Learn new everyday life, work skills and strategies.

Jump start your career with our Be Part of It Careers and Coaching Programs.

School Leaver – Entering the workforce with no skills, knowledge, workplace competencies, on-the-job experience or referee contacts.

Industry – Are juggling decisions on workplace, skills requirements, overcoming skills states, worker surplus and integrating new intelligent technology into the workforce.
#LikeaBoss – An accelerator initiative designed to level of the Australian workforce.

School Leaver – Be Part of it Career and Coaching Programs are project based learning models with on-the-job competency (skill building).

Student – Authentic learning driven by considerations of student strengths and level of engagement.
Our project based learning allows for increased student voice, choice and supports work ready (strength-based) program outcomes.
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If you are new to an industry sector, or want to learn more, a great place to start is the Be Part of It: Career and Coaching Programs.  They have been specifically designed to minimisie the growing divide between limited paths for advancement and a general lack of fairness and inclusion young people face upon entering the workforce. 

How much does it cost? Starting from as little as $75.00 per person.

DEVELOP to Future ProofTRAIN to Build CapabilityCONNECT to Industry
Direct introduction to working in today’s and future industry sectors.

Students are at the centre of the Be Part of It: Careers and Coaching program selection choices, to enable the learning of how to make workforce decisions faster and more effectively so the student can move into workplace / learning critical action.

Flexible learning choices:
– One unit of competency
– Micro-credential (min 3 units)
– Short course (max 5 units)
– Full qualification (as required)
– Get work-ready bite size workshops
– Resume building services
Industry coaches lead hands-on training through a combination of projects, group, team and individual development activities.

End-to-end learning, students will be skill building, in preparation for multiple industry areas:
New Business, Cyber-Business, Meta-Commerce, Construction, Security, Logistics, Entrepreneurship, Business, Social Innovation, AI, Tourism, Events, Retail, and Hospitality.
Solving the skills shift using on-the-job-competency supported by key foundation building blocks and topics such as livelihood management, workplace expectations, budgeting and other life skills.

The program links students direct to industry project opportunities and additional resources.

Portability of skills = Industry opportunities, job outcomes and further education pathways
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Unlock your potential to stay ahead in fast changing industries.

Learn the skills to get a job. Starting from $75pp.

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment 

Our team, through industry partners, NDIS provider networks and strategic partnerships aims to assist a participant who is not eligible for DES or JSA to build their skills and capacity via vocational training and education (VET) to participate in employment.

Meet the Coach – Our Coaching programs and other activities develop work life / career management competencies, provide employment support for school leavers and assist NDIS participants to become work-ready.

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