Our Passion: Aspiring Young People

#LikeaBoss Program aspiring Australia’s young people to become budding Leaders and Entrepreneurs Having a great business idea is the easy part. Turning that into a successful enterprise takes a whole lot of planning, research and commitment. #LikeaBoss Program is aspiring young people seeking to work in Leadership, Management or become a self employed Entrepreneur. WhetherContinue reading “Our Passion: Aspiring Young People”

#National Skills Week – WEF call for reset on the way we teach in 21st century is vital

COVID-19 has forced more than 1 billion students and youth out of school, triggering the world’s biggest educational technology (edtech) implementation in history, almost overnight. Huge practical and logistic issues for students, teachers and parents (especially women), it opens up a world of opportunities to reimagine what learning looks like in the 21st century. Education can no longerContinue reading “#National Skills Week – WEF call for reset on the way we teach in 21st century is vital”

Life after COVID 19 for young Australians

Build skills to gain experience and increase chances for young Australians to find meaningful work in the future! Leading through change, #LikeaBoss Education is collaborating with school leadership to support the response too new, and rising, pressures to help high school students develop a sense of purpose, nurture an appreciation of lifelong learning, and prepare for aContinue reading “Life after COVID 19 for young Australians”

Empowering the Young People of Australia – Preparing Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s Jobs

Preparing Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s Jobs and putting ‘Purpose‘ back into VETis Education. Educators are facing new and rising pressures to support students in a world where change is rapid and adaptability is critical.  Redefining Readiness: #LikeaBoss.EducationTM is preparing today’s high school students for tomorrow’s jobs. Break the Mould – Qualify students with knowledge and values for diverseContinue reading “Empowering the Young People of Australia – Preparing Today’s Students For Tomorrow’s Jobs”

Business learning options -Term 2 intake now open!

“Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’. They might be skills, but they’re not soft.So let’s uncomfortably call them real skills instead. Real because they work, because they’re at the heart of what we need to today. Real because even if you’ve got the vocational skills, you’re no help to us without these human skills, the things thatContinue reading “Business learning options -Term 2 intake now open!”

Graduate with 2 qualifications in less time

Don’t miss out on exclusive programs that will supercharge your students career! How to show soft and hard skills to get the job… Keep your resume fresh – Update your offering with what the market is looking for! What Do Employers Look For? Employers look for proof you’ve got the right hard and soft skills. The throng of unwashedContinue reading “Graduate with 2 qualifications in less time”

2020 #GetStarted

Join the Community – Meet the Team Founder and Lead Facilitator – Samone Wear An accomplished Director, professional and educator who works within business, lean startup and nonprofit organisations, and Board of Directors.   Samone, presents to secondary students, educational seminars, business forums and  group volunteer projects. Bringing a strategic approach coupled with passion and professionalism.Knowledge and experience within Entrepreneurship,  SME business landscape and the ability to work within a holistic, strengths based approach in the facilitation of group  workshops and individuals. Samone consults and volunteers her expertise in entrepreneurship, business, tourism, event management, education, educational design, strategic planning and organisational leadership across Australia. Program Partner – Executive Training Group RTO:107108 Nationally recognised training program partner in Business, Security Operations, Aviation Transport  Protection, Hospitality, Work, Health & Safety Victoria, Transport & Logistics. Corporate Sponsors – Open4BizContinue reading “2020 #GetStarted”

Young Entrepreneurs Week – NASSSA lead the way!

July 18, 2018 Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools‘ Alliance, NASSSA lead the way. A small group including representatives from northern business leaders, local government, entrepreneurs and education leaders met to further discuss how we can continue to support the youth in northern Adelaide engage in enterprise. #LikeaBoss Education was proudly represented at this school expo. Running 3 xContinue reading “Young Entrepreneurs Week – NASSSA lead the way!”

#LikeaBoss – Our Passion

Our passion is preparing and launching Youth into Business. Create a future by getting started today – Make more $$, discover your worth and find what lights you up – Register Now! #Like a Boss Education, facilitated both on and off line, access to all resources of a traditional course will help individuals learn in a friendlyContinue reading “#LikeaBoss – Our Passion”

2018/19 Enrolments Now Open

A guide to business management, leadership, administration or entrepreneurship – Are you thinking of owning and managing your own business? It can be a rewarding experience. Find what lights you up, know what it takes and be skilled with what it takes! #LikeaBoss learning solutions reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership, innovation and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. Students plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions. The program activities will include everything necessary to create a new business. Register expressions of interest direct to: VETis Coordinator Samone Wear M: 0404 572 507 E: studentservices@likeaboss.education