BSB30220 Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

“Entrepreneurial learning driven by entrepreneurial teaching” Founder Ms Samone Wear

Each unit of learning address specific start up practices combined with business foundational concepts that allow students to build, test, learn and iterate. Students leave with the exposure to main business subjects and how to apply to a real business along with innovative skills and mind set.


This course includes 10 units of competency (4 core and 6 elective) and is delivered over five teaching periods of eight weeks in duration. Students enrolled in the qualification will undertake two units of competency at a time over eight weeks.

There’s a maximum of up to 12 months allowed to complete all units and assessments in the qualification.

The total time it takes to complete the course usually depends on your previous experience, how much time you have available between work commitments, and the pace you prefer to study at.


Undertaking this qualification will require you to complete a range of assessments to assess your competency against the performance criteria. Assessments have been designed with a focus on workplace outputs.

A variety of assessment methods are used:

1. Assessing theoretical and applied knowledge

2. Assessing the application of skills through projects, scenarios and demonstrations

3. Gathering evidence that shows your ability to perform key tasks

Each assessment method provides a different type of evidence. Taken together, the complete assessment provides a holistic view of your ability to perform competently and confidently to the level set down in the Competency Standards.

To be issued with a qualification students must be deemed competent in each unit of competency and meet all requirements of the course.


$2,180pp | Virtual Learning Classroom


Online and Virtual Classroom

Nominal hours will apply

No prior knowledge required | Good attitude | 16+ years


Assest College RTO: 31718 with support of Executive Training and LikeaBoss.Education conducts the training and assessment and Assest College RTO: 31718 issues the statement.

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