#LikeaBoss One Minute Podcast

Podcast speakers wanted

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Media contact: Ms Samone Wear, Founder/MD

Email: Samone@likeaboss.education

#LikeaBoss One Minute Podcast Launch
You are invited to share your story with first time entrepreneurs.

Take 1min to register – Podcast Speaker Registration

All roles and job titles welcome….Founder, CEO, Intra/Entrepreneur, Change Maker, Code King, Crypto Queen etc

What is it about: The One Minute Founder Podcast – A handy reference guide that our young future leaders can listen to anywhere, refer to at anytime, even to offer last minute tips and confidence booster while waiting for that job interview or while on the discovery journey of life-long learning, business, entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Inspiring young future leaders of tomorrow..the podcast is a success pillar of Start it Up Practice Lab TM, program designed to provide a flexible, focused, shared entrepreneurial experience in schools. Engages students in real-world business entrepreneurship education.

Through practical skill building and project coaching, we’re creating opportunities for learners to play a greater role in the decisions that shape and affect their lives. Request a demo, www.likeaboss.education

Join the LikeaBoss.Education pledge – To implement “concrete actions” against societal, financial and educational inequities #SDG2030 @ClintonFDN. Learn more here: Note from the Founder | 2021

National Skills Week is a Government initiative, a collaboration of activities and events aimed at raising the status of trades, skills and Vocational Education and Training.

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