Young Future Leaders Program

LikeaBoss Education™ programs teach learners what it takes to succeed in our global new age economy, equip them with the success skills they need, and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age.

Our learning solutions reflect the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills ad experience in leadership, innovation and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. Management, leadership and starting your own business can be a very rewarding experience:

  • Be your own boss
  • Be able to work flexible hours
  • Develop your own creative ideas
  • Take advantage of a market that you think you can provide for
  • Create financial independence 
  • Find what lights you up!

Facilitated both on and off line, access to all resources of a traditional course will help individuals learn in a relaxed workshop environment.

Our specialised education programs are appropriately designed for students, 12 to 18 years will build confidence and assist learners make more money, discover their personal worth and find what lights them up.

LikeaBoss Education™ are for aspiring young people seeking to work in Leadership, Management or become a self employed Entrepreneur.

Make more $$, discover your worth and find what lights you up – Register Now!

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The program provides real-time, personalised experiences that reach individuals just as they need,  our programs build the capacity of the learner via foundation skills that build market share and aim to empower our students to build careers by design.

Designed to encourage business enterprise, digital literacy, local youth supplier networking and community capacity building we believe the program is surpass that of what traditional secondary school business studies has to offer.

Vocational education training  plus linkages to industry will create employment pathways. The program ensures vocational outcomes are achieved – Its easy to get started, pay as you go to keep track of your progress!

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Once an individual has attended a LikeaBoss Education™ progam the learning does not stop there. Our program has been designed to keep the individual engaged in a learning environment post course completion for a period of 12 – 24 months.

With our complimentary Online Marketing Kick Starter Pack the individual, organisation or business is guaranteed to be engaged further than the period of the learning.

Our passion is preparing and launching youth into business, their careers of choice and leaderships roles. Create a future by getting started today – Make more $$, discover your worth and find what lights you up – Register Now!

Who we are?

LikeaBoss Education™ and Open4Bizness Australia, a total learning and development partner, provide a range of specialist services, accredited vocational education training, business workshops, consulting programs and support with expert advice in specialist areas.

LikeaBoss Education™ is an Australian social enterprise that operates parallel to the modern secondary school system. 

An organisation with a very high regard for social conscience. We are driven by something bigger than money – Investment in future generations through reduced inequalities and greater access to quality education.

Our aim remains to encourage purposeful VETis programs with learning driven by entrepreneurial teaching to secure a meaningful economic and social future for our young people.

Known for our extensive work within Secondary Schools and  Flexible Learning Options (FLO) sector of South Australia the LikeaBoss Education™ Program has been designed to prepare and launch Youth into Business, Management and Leadership.

Using online to complement and be an extension of classical class room forms of learning, leaving the individual the flexibility and freedom to choose the time for professional development.

Our business professional development solutions and experienced team of presenters deliver programs and workshops tailored to connect like-minded people, any age, anytime.  

The team capability is demonstrated by working experience and current contracts with many Australian Host Organisations and Program Partners.

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