Pre Enrolment Information

Welcome and thank you for considering LikeaBoss.Education as your program education provider. Prior to enrolling it is essential that prospective students and/or are fully informed of their rights, responsibilities and general obligations.

At the earliest opportunity, Executive Training Group (ETG) will determine any support learners may require including additional throughout their training. (Refer 2015 Vet Standard 1.7).

Executive Training Group conducts a pre-training review which contains Language, Literacy & Numeracy questions that observes the Australian Core Skills Framework for all students enrolling into Qualifications and/or Statements of Attainments.

Student Rights
• To experience high quality training and assessment by qualified trainers who have real, up to date industry experience;
• To expect that your training provided will be challenging and stimulating;
• To expect that course content will be up-to-date, valid and reflects industry best practice;
• To be treated with respect and courtesy by staff and fellow students, in an environment free from harassment, prejudice, discrimination, and harassment;
• To know what is expected of them in each area of training and assessment;
• To know all expectations and requirements of their work and how it will be assessed;
• To receive accurate fair and timely feedback on their performance and progress;
• To have their questions answered about the value, relevance and effectiveness of the training and assessment they experience;
• To be informed about how their views are taken into consideration in enhancing the teaching and content of programs;
• To have reasonable access to staff who assist them to achieve successful outcomes;
• To have access to quality facilities, resources and support services necessary for achievement of their training goals;
• To expect that the training and assessment satisfy the requirements of relevant authorities and organisations;
• To have access to adequate procedures for dealing with grievances;
• To have their privacy maintained in accordance with all legislative requirements;
• Access to your Student Records.

Student Responsibilities
• To observe and enact to all students the rights outlined above;
• To be aware of all dress, personal presentation and hygiene requirements;
• To be on time and to be aware of the correct date, time and location of all training and assessment;
• To understand all fees, charges & refund procedures prior to enrolment, (see below);
• To prepare for training;
• To participate fully in the range of experiences during your training and assessment;
• To become self-motivated and self-directed learners;
• To make the best possible use of opportunities, LikeaBoss Education provides;
• To be honest at all times:
• To be as professional as possible at all times:
• To submit work which is their own;
• To provide to the instructing staff, feedback which is honest and fair;
• To enhance the training and assessment experience of other students by participating with a positive attitude towards your training and assessment at all times;
• To respect and be courteous other students, staff, and members of the public that they may meet during their training.
• To respect the property of other students and ETG;
• To behave at all times in such a way that does not bring ETG in to disrepute.
• To abide to all lawful instructions given by staff;
• To disclose all details which may be relevant to staff, trainers and assessors prior to the applicable time
• To notify staff immediately of any current or previous injury, medical or health conditions that are relevant to the training and assessment;
• To act at times safely and take responsibility for the safety and welfare of all students, staff and public and to not engage in conduct that may impede on the safety and welfare of all students, staff and public. Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from a training and assessment program without refund and may be reported to the relevant legal authority; For example POLICE, Australian Skills Quality Authority, State based Work, Health and Safety Authority;
• To be free of any substance, legal or illegal that may cause the failure to abide by the previous points;
• To be aware of the complaints and appeals process;

Student Obligations
• To be aware of the ETG complaints and appeals process;
To accept and be bound by the above and fulfil the responsibilities outlined;
• To accept and be bound by any credit or payment arrangement that has been entered into with ETG with that particular student, and that they take full responsibility for any debit;
• To understand that I will not receive any Certificate or Statement of Attainment until all outstanding monies are paid in full and all assigned assessment is completed;
• To understand that if paying a final payment via cheque ETG has the right to hold onto any certificate until payment has been cleared by any financial institution.
• To authorise and consent to the video surveillance of students during the course being undertaken and that if required the information gathered may by used by an authorised agent;

• To accept and understand that if I am caught cheating, a report will be submitted to any applicable regulator and the Australian Skills Quality Authority – ASQA.
• To understand and accept that if a student does not adhere to any responsibility or obligation set out here within that they may be asked to leave, resulting in the termination of their participation in a course of training.

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