World Food Day 2021

Author: Ms Samone Wear

In Australia, this AntiPoverty Week, LikeaBoss.EducationTM moves higher on strong outlook.

1) 1.2 million children and young people live in poverty in Australia. That’s one in six
2) Australia is not on track to meet its commitment under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to reduce our rate of poverty by half by 2030
3) Worldwide, 40 million to 160 million women – 7 to 24 percent of those currently employed may need to transition between occupations to ensure they are positioned for shifts in labour demand

Taking Action: We are supporting school learners and educators to be Sustainable Development goal keepers and change agents of the future through the transition of immersive curriculum.
Empowering next generation global citizens with the confidence and skills to change the world. #Youth4GlobalGoals #SDG4 #SDG10 SDG#17
Author: Founder, Ms Samone Wear

A focus on food insecurity on World Food Day 2021 – LikeaBoss.Education is preparing for disruption in the school food value chain. Founder Ms Samone Wear MBA through revolutionising VETis and Leadership for the Circular Transition (LCT) aims to train the next generation of leaders to become circular change agents. #CommunityofPractice

On World Food Day – and every day – access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food is imperative, particularly for vulnerable populations.
Woodville High School, South Australia, Social Innovators launched their solution to food insecurity within their school community. A #SDG2 Zero Hunger Challenge fundraiser and fun day event, the Start It Up Practice Lab social innovators raised over $300.

Thank you to the local business and local government representatives who have come on board as Event Partners and Sponsors

 #StartItUpPracticeLab #WoodyEats Social Enterprise Business Launch

Wednesday 20.10.21 at 1pm, Adelaide, South Australia | Australia

World Food Day and Social In-Novation Partners:
LikeaBoss.Education | Open4Bizness Australia | PlatinumEvent Agency | Indigenous Tour Agency | City of Charles Sturt, Brocca’s House | Innovation Education Australia | Woodville High School | Sweet Pedal

Join the Pledge – Partner with @LikeaBoss_Edu to implement “concrete actions” against societal, financial and educational inequities #SDG @ClintonFDN

Social In-Novation Challenge, a first for VETis Australia is an immersive curriculum program based on the 2030 Agenda for United Nations Sustainable Development (UNSD).

A social enterprise short course encompassing a series of workshops developed by industry leaders. The curriculum promotes year-round learning and facilitates social innovation and impact actions led by students, educators, parents and community members.

Think. Do. Discover Learning Outcomes: Our young future leaders invent change through learning and development of social entrepreneurship foundation pillars:

  1. Social mission over financial mission
  2. Innovative solution to social problems
  3. Self-sustaining business model
  4. Measurable impacts

.. Empowering next generation with the confidence and skills to change the world..

Woody Traders Inc | Est 2021 | SDG Goal #2

Our Mission: Improve food security within our school community.

In practice, the program and the curriculum has students learning about the UNSD goals, social innovation, working together to create and collaborate with peers on complex social and environmental challenges. Program content and curriculum tool kit is available online through a membership subscription. An engaging and fun experience for all involved. Learn more here!

#Youth4GlobalGoals | Get started at your school..Ask us how!

Visit the Start It Up Practice Lab here. | View Woody Traders Inc Social In-Inovation Challenge Class 2021

Enquire today: Contact Samone Wear, Head of Curriculum and Director Partnerships

Author: Ms Samone Wear, Founder/MD | Date: 26th September 2021

Proudly sponsored by Innovation Education Australia | #Collab4Good. Partner with us!

 Join the Commitment into Action Movement with LikeaBoss.EducationTM

In Australia, LikeaBoss.EducationTM is creating an immersive curriculum based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. #2021@CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

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