BSB30120 Certificate III Business

Careers by Design: Learning what work skills are trending can help you transform faster.

Enhance your resume and tell the world that you are equipped with the skills to succeed in the modern workplace.

This program explores contemporary business fundamentals and helps you create a marketable personal brand. Learn how to leverage your strengths for professional growth. Focus on your interests, and develop a strategic career roadmap.

What you will learn:

-How to beat the skills shortage and future proof your resume

-How to inventory your professional skills and interests to build a career roadmap

– How to communicate and collaborate with colleagues

– How to approach complex workplace problems using problem-solving frameworks and design thinking principles

Core Units
BSBWHS302: Apply Knowledge of WHS Legislation in Workplace

Elective Units

BSBCUE307: Work Effectively in Customer Engagement
BSBCRT301: Develop and Extend Critical and Creative Thinking
BSBITU306: Design and Produce Business Documents
BSBWOR30: Organise personal work priorities and development

BSBXCM301: Engage in Workplace Communication

BSBFIA301: Maintain Financial Records

BSBFLM303: Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBINN301: Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

BSBPRO301: Recommend Product and Services

BSBPUR301: Purchase Goods and Services

BSBHRM405: Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction for Staff

*ASQA Standards, Guidelines and Nominal Hours Apply | Stage 2 SACE Credits Applicable


Semester One | Semester Two | Summer School


Face to Face | 9am – 3pm | Online

Nominated Secondary High School or Virtual Classroom

Nominal hours will apply

Written Assessments
Practical Assessments

No prior knowledge required | Good attitude | 15+ years

BSB30120 Certificate III in  Business issued by Executive Training Group RTO: 107108

Executive Training Group with support of LikeaBoss.Education conducts the training and assessment and
Executive Training Group RTO: 107 108 issues the statement.
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