Lacking in experience? Immature? Irresponsible? Clueless?… “Ok, Boomer.”

Author: Ms Samone Wear

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“..Social innovators know that big problems require audacious thinking, even when the solution is simple.”

Ms Samone Wear, MD/Founder

Young and in charge: is youth an advantage in business?

While this may be how some people see Millennials and Generation Z, many young people are actually taking the future into their own hands and forging new business frontiers.

Young people are tired of having their concerns ignored over everything from the environment to securing a stable future for themselves in a world where a job for life no longer exists. And as for being characterised as lazy, or entitled ‘snowflakes?’ Well, the clapback has begun.

Young entrepreneurs in the Australia are on the rise, those aged 25-35 are significantly more likely to be involved in early stage activity than 45-64 year olds. Younger generations are beginning to reject the 9-5 to kick off their own enterprises, with many starting as a ‘hustle’ or bedroom-business.

Passion led us here

Our founder, Samone and her private equity portfolio partners are responding to the challenges ahead of our future leaders. Through the power of socio economic activation practices, 2022 has seen the launch of an Industry Leadership Circular Transition (LCT) Future Capabilities project inclusive of Reverse Value Workforce Development Framework.

Developed in consultation with industry, the business community is responding to a broad and challenging economic agenda – Fourth industrial revolution (4IR), business capacity building, 21st century and employability skills will be done differently. 

Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio: Big sister to VETis Start It Up Practice Lab, is delivering innovative workforce experiences that empower and support strong partnerships across industry.

VETis and school based traineeships transformed through Venture X will aim to reverse the workforce trends facing our young school leavers.

We will continue to grow young future leaders, in Venture X and the Start It Up Practice Lab, VETis lighthouse incubator alongside the Together with School Pathways VETis initiative:

2022 will host ‘Venture X’ on-the-job traineeship program – designed to provide direct and / or more accessible industry pathways, that will align to making jobs for the future in South Australia 

Led by #LikeaBoss, Chief Social Innovator, Ms Samone Wear

What does a Workforce Development framework do?

1) Strengthens employers capabilities to increase accessibility to employment opportunities and improving return to work outcomes

(2) Empowers through #SelfMade – No Plan B philosophies employers, workers and learners to build cross-silo teams

(3) Develops trusted intellectual realms to close the chasm on post COVID-19 workforce issues and confidentiality by intentional learning and development,

(4) Increases the confidence of all genders and ages to become entrepreneurial beholders of their own destiny through becoming or evolving workers and future leaders into innovative, 21st century competent social workforce.

Calling in all big bold leaders of the future. Get involved – Start talking. Start acting. Start achieving.


Venture X – What is on Offer?

Not loosing site of SDG 2030 vision, we have taken formal action to become an approved ‘Apprenticeships Australia’, employer in South Australia.

New to LikeaBoss.EducationTM and Innovation Education Australia, Venture X Traineeship Program, inline with government regulations combines work with training in a nationally recognised qualifications (AQF Level 3 to Advanced Diploma).

Australian Apprenticeships / Traineeships are available to anyone of working age and offer opportunities to learn new skills and be paid in over 500 different jobs. The federal, state and territory governments provide financial incentives and support for vocational education and training students to help them gain the skills required to secure and maintain rewarding and sustainable employment.

Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio and Venture X, offer programs for all kinds of business, large organisations, students; apprentices and trainees, new job starters, those re-entering the workforce, retraining for a new job or upgrading their skills for an existing job.

Think outside the box….

If you are leaving school or looking for work, consider less mainstream offerings and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset by seeking out innovative VET study options.

For information on courses and occupations that may be available in your region, contacting us could be the first step – Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio and Venture X programs are now open for registration!

*All education specialist participate in good character screening processes, hold a Department of Human Services (DHS) Working with Children Check clearance, regularly engage in industry currency activities and act at all times in accordance with the LikeaBoss Code of Conduct | T&C’s apply.

In Australia, LikeaBoss.EducationTM has created an immersive 4IR curriculum for first time Start Up Founders. #SelfMade – No Plan B, Entrepreneurship Accelerator #4IR #2021@CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

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