Job-Ready Career Development

Our Job Ready programs and other activities develop career management competencies, provide employment support for school leavers and assist NDIS participants to become work-ready.

We tailor management plans, programs, coaching and activities to meet participant‘s employment goals. Jump start your career with our Career by Design Workshop or one:one Resume and Cover Letter builder services.

Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions and Supports

Our specialist support team can assist a participant transition to school or to post-school options (e.g. to further education, training or employment) such as building the participant’s capacity for independent living and self-care, development of social and communication skills, development of specialist behaviour management plans and enabling the participant to travel independently to their place of education.

Post School Transition

School leaver employment support (SLES) focussed on students leaving school and those who have a goal to work in open employment. Our programs build a participant’s ability and confidence to enter the workforce.

Depending on the school leaver’s circumstances, employment supports will be different. We offer a range of skill workshops and modules, eg Job ready skills, resume preparation, job search strategies, interview preparation, , preparing for the first day, money handling skills, time management skills, communications skills, personal development skills etc, that may be part of an individual program of supports to help participants get ready for employment.

SLES, an alternative to Disability Employment Services (DES), complements but does not replace existing school supports and its objective is to fund supports for students to build skills and capacity within 2 years. Students and their family/carer are encouraged to share information regarding school transition planning with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) during their NDIS planning meeting. Students who have already had a planning meeting for their final year of schooling may need to seek a plan review to discuss post school supports if not already considered.

School Leaver Employment Supports

We work with participants to help them get ready for work. We plan employment pathways and develop tailored activities to meet each participant’s needs. Supports can be delivered individually, in a group, or a combination of both.

These supports typically include:

  • Employability and/or vocational specific skills
  • Other foundation skills that enable engagement in work (for example travel training or money handling).

It is important to consider the needs of the participant and family when transitioning from a structured school environment. Participants may initially be seeking regular activity and structure while others will be ready for a highly individualised service. We work together with participants to develop an activities schedule, reflected in a service agreement. This helps the participant reach their employment goals.

The nature and delivery of school leaver employment supports depends on what the participant and their provider agree on in their service agreement.

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment 

Our team, through industry partners, NDIS provider networks and strategic partnerships aims to assist a participant who is not eligible for DES or JSA to build their skills and capacity via vocational training and education (VET) to participate in employment.

Our range of employment job-ready skill workshops and modules will include accredited and non-accredited units, and eligibility will be dependent on both the type of program chosen.

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