Samone Wear, Founder MD (MBA)

If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair.” Shirley Chisholm

Future focussed, Samone leads the vision and management of LikeaBoss Education TM activities to deliver on a range of strategic plans and objectives, continuing an existing growth trajectory.

LikeaBoss Education TM stand with those calling for systemic change for the better. As an organisation whose founding principles are built on the belief that education has the power to catalyse change, we stand ready to reflect on our role in empowering, uplifting, and equipping learners, teachers and communities and will take action where we can do better.

“Entrepreneurial learning driven by entrepreneurial teaching – Putting purpose back into VET programs to accelerate change through meaningful education including real-world business entrepreneurship education.”

Imagine your students as problem solvers, active learners, and fully engaged in work that they are driving. We help organisations, schools and educators make that a reality by providing a suite of authentic VET student business and entrepreneurship in-house training, learning frameworks, unique programs, resources, tools and activities that can integrate into your curricular offering. Join the journey – Let’s collaborate for good!

Join the @LikeaBoss_Edu Commitment to Action Movement. Support our pledge!Translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable impact programs #SDG @ClintonFDN

Start It Up Practice Lab – Entrepreneur ProgramTM

For RTO’s, schools and organisations: Program license includes onboarding resources, ideas for arranging a classroom into a workplace-like environment, lesson plans, tools, activities and how to support the coaches who are mentoring first-time entrepreneurs in your community.

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