Dual Certificates

Don’t miss out on exclusive programs that will supercharge your students career!

Gain nationally recognised qualifications and develop the professional work skills you need to start up a business, get hired, grow your career and succeed in today’s competitive job market.

How to show soft and hard skills to get the job… Keep your resume fresh – Update your offering with what the market is looking for!

What Do Employers Look For?

Employers look for proof you’ve got the right hard and soft skills. The throng of unwashed applicants says, “I’m hard-working, energetic, and a great communicator.”

That’s like a soft drink can that says, “Tastes Great!” It means nothing. You need to pick the exact resume skills the employer wants.

Dual Qualification Benefit: Use Both Hard and Soft Skills to Grab the Interview

Prove the soft skills list, and we believe students can learn almost any hard skill. Prove the list of hard skills for resumes, and students are empowered and know they can already do the job.

The trick is knowing which skills to value most, then showing achievements on your resume that prove them.

LikeaBoss Education™ help students build in-demand workplace competencies that will ensure you stand out as an applicant and employee.

#LikeaBoss.Education ™ learning solutions reflect the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership, innovation and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Dual Qualification Options

Program duration: 6 – 12 months

Nominal delivery: Twice per year (Semester 1 and 2 – SACE points apply)

No prior knowledge or pre requisites apply –  Register Now

Delivery mode: Face to face classroom workshop format with e-learning support and business coaching

*ASQA Standards, Guidelines and Nominal Hours Apply

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