Global Leader – The Action Network

Announcement: LikeaBoss EducationTM has gone global – We are shifting to a mission-led approach | From passion project to 21st Century innovative resources curriculum, education and real-world competency training.

“What started as a pilot Young Entrepreneur Program over 6 years ago, LikeaBoss EducationTM never envisioned our work would be invited to sit at the table on the global stage.” says Ms Samone Wear MD/Founder

Global Leader – The Action Network | Supporting SDG Goals for Inclusive Economic Prosperity. #LikeaBoss.EducatrionTM is now working with partners across Australia and the United States to create economic opportunity, improve access and affordability of education, increase financial security and inspire life-long learner engagement.

#LikeaBoss.EducationTM has gone global …As part of our growing ecosystem of innovators, educators, policy shapers and schools passionate about equipping young Australians for the future of work, you will be the first to hear the news about this groundbreaking program. 

President Clinton Announces CGI U and Howard University – Class of 2021 

We have joined the global movement Commitment to Action and you are invited to join us on the global stage to put a spotlight on innovative Australian secondary school eco-system and the wider LikeaBoss Education™ VETis community.

Stream with us at and Facebook Live, March 24 – 27, 2021 (AEDT)

Where to next..CGI U will launch #LikeaBoss on the global stageas a organisation who is passionate about young people, inclusivity, social justice and tackling critical issues facing their college campus, local communities, or across the world.

How can you become involved:

(SDG 17). Collaborate to transform learning and training environments to create economic opportunities. Partner for goals and be host for local change

(SDG 4). Build capacities of educators and trainers to inspire engagement and service. Connect to be a Ambassador of meaningful programs 

(SDG4. SDG 10). Empower and mobilise life long learners to alleviate poverty. Enrol in a program to be a future change agent engaging in #LikeaBoss life long learning curriculum 

 Join the Commitment into Action Movement with LikeaBoss.EducationTM

ANNOUNCEMENT: LikeaBoss.EducationTM has gone global. Driven by UN Sustainable Development Goals today they joined the class of 2021 @CGIU2021 #JointhePledge #SDGGoals2030 #CommitmentToAction #VET

LikeaBoss Education™: More Creativity. More Impact. More Possibilities. #InnovationEducationAustralia

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#LikeaBoss EducationTM – The place for vocational education, resources, tools and activities that develops competencies for entrepreneurship, enterprising behaviour and real-world employability skills.

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