Lacking in experience? Immature? Irresponsible? Clueless?… “Ok, Boomer.”

Think outside the box!! If you are leaving school or looking for work, consider less mainstream offerings and embrace the entrepreneurial mindset by seeking out innovative VET study options.
Learn more here, | Author Ms Samone Wear #SelfMade #NoPlanB #NoExcuses

MEDIA RELEASE: Global Launch | 2050 Vision

2022 Media Release: Launch of Cre/Ation Social Innovation Studio and Venture X | Vision: Build Resilience. Protect Value. Deliver Growth | Learn more here, | Author Ms Samone Wear

#LikeaBoss.EducationTM aspiring Adelaide’s young Entrepreneurs

Having a great business idea is the easy part. Turning that into a successful enterprise takes a whole lot of planning, research and commitment. #LikeaBoss Program is aspiring young people seeking to work in Leadership, Management or Entrepreneurship. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a fresh business idea or looking to work in leadership orContinue reading “#LikeaBoss.EducationTM aspiring Adelaide’s young Entrepreneurs”